You may have noticed recently our church choir is getting a little “thin”; not as a result of an abstemious Christmas, but mainly because our members have dwindled and moved on. I am therefore looking to build another rank of “Juniors” to carry on the traditions built up by previous members, now grown up and gone on to sing in college choirs out in the big wide world as they embrace the next phase of their lives. If you have a child above the age of 8 who is able to read (not necessarily music – although it helps), but above all loves to sing, I and the choir would be very pleased to hear from you and would welcome you into our group.  The same invitation is also extended to “Grown – ups”. We have a new Vicar taking up his position in two months and it would be wonderful to sing an anthem at his installation service, showing that he is not only taking over a vibrant Church, but also one with a strong musical tradition.

Please give this request some thought and discussion, and come along to a choir practice any Friday 6.30 – 7.30. pm. I/We look forward to seeing you. Andrew Dyer