Following Jesus

Jesus commissioned his followers – not to go to church, but to go and make disciples. They were to baptize them and teach them to obey everything he had taught them (Matt. 28.20). And as those first disciples did this the Church was born. Church is simply the plural of disciple, the community that is formed by the followers of Jesus. We are to be a disciple-making community.

And for us, like those first disciples, genuine discipleship comes from knowing Jesus and seeking to follow his ways and his words and allowing him to lead and transform our lives.

Here are several of the ways we seek to follow Jesus and allow him to lead and transform our lives.


We run the following courses regularly to help people to explore the Christian faith and grow as disciples. The courses are fun and informal with plenty of opportunity to discuss and ask questions. You can sign up for a course here.

You can sign up for a course here.

Bible Teaching

Many of our sermons are available through this website.

Home Groups

Small groups meet regularly in different areas of the parish for Bible study, worship and prayer, so that members can support and encourage each other in their faith. To find out about home groups please contact the Parish Office.