Sunday Service Online

Every Sunday at 10:30am we will release our online Sunday service. You can access it here: or by ringing 01865 920933.

Children & Families

Minno Church at Home is a great resource for families wanting to do Church at Home with children! It’s from the people behind VeggieTales and the What’s in the Bible? series. Highly recommended.

Offline Resources

Here are some suggested resources to sustain you in worshipping God in your homes during the Covid-19 restrictions on gathering together.

Other Online Teaching

Hearcry for Change are making a thought for the day available, along with longer messages from time to time.

Other resources

Prayer and liturgy from the Church of England containing:

  • Prayers and intercessions for personal or group use
  • Prayers for children and families
  • Special prayers for use if it isn’t possible to meet in church
  • A simple form of prayer for the morning and evening, which can be downloaded, printed, and shared with those remaining at home or who are unable to access the Internet.

Mental health reflections – 13 daily reflections that seek to provide hope, reassurance and comfort. The Church of England has also published five tips to help tackle loneliness and isolation.