Newsletter for April 25th 2021

Dear friends,

I begin this week with a massive “Thank You!” to everyone who worked so hard to enable our Easter celebrations to happen, thank you to all those who led, preached, or served in any other capacity as we’ve rejoiced again in the good news that Jesus is alive!

Several years ago, a notice appeared on the vestry noticeboard of a church in Hampshire, after a Holy Week performance of Stainer’s “Crucifixion”.

The choirmaster wrote “The Crucifixion – well done, everyone!”

Later that day, someone had added, “The Resurrection – well done, God!”

In some ways my favourite part of the whole Easter season is Easter Monday, not just because I usually get to put my feet up, but, because that’s the day the church calendar invites us to catch a glimpse of the New Creation, and to ask the question “Now what?”

We go back to work, life resumes its usual routine but with the difference that now we walk with the risen Lord, who is at work in us and around us. A fitting foretaste of what’s coming to us after Christ’s return. The spring flowers and surges of new life feels less like the end of a story than the beginning of a new one.

C. S. Lewis wrote in the final scene of the Narnia books, “Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.”

That’s what the days after Easter are: the beginnings of a season that shouts, “He’s making all things new!” And particularly as we carry the sorrows and fatigue of the past year or more, that renewal is what we all need most.

So, let’s lift up our eyes to the hills, praying for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. And, let’s keep watch, because the waves of that distant shore surely sometimes wash over the hills of Oxfordshire with great, glad joy.

Of course that joy isn’t lasting, not yet. Creation still awaits the return of her king. And so Easter stirs our yearning for the New Jerusalem like nothing else.

Let’s continue to be stirred this year with Easter joy as we journey towards Pentecost when we will celebrate the pouring out of the Spirit, and ask for his strength and inspiration as we work to rebuild our community after this pandemic.

Yours with much love in Him,


Rev Jonathan Widdess. / 01865 863702

Here is this weeks news….

This Sunday @ St Michael’s – Big Story Sunday

Join us at 10:30am on Sunday morning in St Michael’s for Big Story Sunday. We’re exploring the story of Peter having breakfast with Jesus on the beach and thinking about what it means to be forgiven. Jonathan will be leading.

This service will also be live-streamed at

This Sunday @ St Andrew’s

10am Morning Worship with Chris Scruby preaching.

Readings and Collect for 25th April

John 21:1-14

Almighty God,
whose Son Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life:
raise us, who trust in him,
from the death of sin to the life of righteousness,
that we may seek those things which are above,
where he reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

The Bible Course

Big, complex, old … just some of the words people use to describe the Bible. Sound familiar? That’s where The Bible Course comes in. The course will increase your confidence, equip you to read the Bible better and help you to see its relevance to daily life. The course provides a birds-eye view of the world’s bestselling book.

Running on Zoom, over eight interactive sessions, it combines video teaching, group discussion, personal reflection and daily readings.

The course is free and open to everyone, whether you’re just beginning to explore the Christian faith or want to take the next step in growing as a follower of Jesus.

Join Jonathan, at 1:30pm on Thursday’s from 6th May as we explore the Bible together.

For more info, email him at

The zoom link is:

Worship for Seniors

The Easter edition of our online series of Worship for Seniors is still available at William Cutting is speaking about “Life after death”.

Worship for Seniors is a new, monthly series of devotional videos for seniors and those in care homes. Each episode lasts about 15 minutes. Worship for Seniors is also available by phone on 01865 920993, and then choosing option 2 from the menu.

Taizé Service for April

The April Taizé service remains available. With readings, prayers and meditative sung worship, it’s the perfect way to find some peace and space in the stresses and strains of life.

Zoom Weekly Prayer Meeting

Our weekly prayer meeting continues every Monday at 10am.

Join us as we gather together online to pray for one another, our families, friends and neighbours, our parish, our nation and the world.

For more details on how to connect, see this web page.

Can you help Jean get mobile?

Jean Pryce-Williams is looking for a second-hand automatic car (she can not afford a new one) to keep her ministry mobile. Her beloved 20 year old car has said ‘enough is enough’! If you know of anyone who is about to part with a reliable automatic (for up to £5,000), please contact Jean on 07927 236961. Thank you.

Please Continue To Pray For…

  • Staff, and pupils at Cumnor C.E. School and Matthew Arnold as the Summer Term continues.
  • Our CMS mission partner Bia.
  • The St Andrew’s Rebuilding Project.
  • The PCC who meet at 7:30pm on Wednesday.
  • All those who remain anxious for their jobs or their future.
  • All those who are continuing to struggle with the effects of lockdown.
  • Those who are homeless or struggling with food poverty.
  • People to find a living faith in Jesus.
  • Everyone who leads worship, preaches or teaches in our parish.
  • Gavin Collins, the new Bishop of Dorchester who was consecrated recently.