Newsletter for Sunday 24th January 2021

Dear friends,

Years ago in a small town in midwestern America one man’s job was to watch the railroad crossing. When a train would approach at night he was to wave a lantern to warn those driving on the narrow road that a train was approaching and to stop until it passed by.

One particular night the train was coming down the tracks as usual and the man took his place to warn any oncoming cars. He could see a car in the distance approaching the railroad tracks so he began to wave his lantern in the moonlit sky. The car continued to come so the man waved the lantern even more briskly. The train was only seconds away from the crossing. The car was not even slowing down. The man could not believe it so he waved the lantern even harder. Still the car came. The car was almost to the track and the train was about to pass. The man could not stand in the middle of the road any longer. Again he frantically waved his lantern and the car continued to come at full speed. Finally the man jumped out of the way as the car sped by and was hit by the train on the tracks. Everyone in the car was killed.

At the investigation the grief-stricken man explained to the authorities how he tried to warn the oncoming vehicle but it would not stop. The officer in charge said to the man at the crossing, “Sir, you waved your lantern—but you forgot to light it.”

As Christians, Jesus has called us to be lights to the world (Matthew 5). It is our job to take the good news of the Gospel to everyone we can. But it does no good to tell people about Jesus if the light within us is not shining. Without the light of Christ, we will have little impact. Let’s draw near to him and ensure our light is shining bright and then share his love with everyone around.

Yours with much love in Christ,


Rev Jonathan Widdess / 01865 863702

Here is this weeks news….

This week’s service – Big Story Sunday – watch the live-stream

Join us at 10:30am on Sunday morning as we stream Big Story Sunday from St Michael’s. This month we’re exploring the story of the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine.

To join in with the service online, visit

The service will then remain available via our website to watch on demand.

You can also phone on 01865 920993, and then choose option 1 from the menu. The service will remain available by telephone until the following Sunday.

Worship for Seniors

The latest in our online series of Worship for Seniors is still available to watch at William Cutting is speaking about “Encouragement”. Worship for Seniors is a new, monthly series of devotional videos for seniors and those in care homes. Each episode lasts about 15 minutes. Worship for Seniors is also available by phone on 01865 920993, and then choosing option 2 from the menu.

Zoom Weekly Prayer Meeting

Our weekly prayer meeting continues every Monday at 10am. Join us as we gather together online to pray for one another, our families, friends and neighbours, our parish, our nation and the world.

For more details on how to connect, see this web page.

David Millard

More sad news last week as David Millard passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sheila and the family at this very sad time. His funeral is in St Michael’s on Friday 5th February at 12:30pm. Although attendance is limited by Covid restrictions we are planning to livestream the service and will publish the link on the website and in this newsletter.

St Andrew’s Zoom Chat and Catchup

Clare and David are planning a Zoom meeting for chat and catching up on Sunday 24th at 4pm. Do join if you’d like to. pwd=aHdhVm9wb1pKTnhxWlRTTUN0dzRyQT09

Please Continue To Pray For…

  • The families and friends of Joan Stephens, David Millard and Ronald Kerridge
  • Others who have lost loved ones recently.
  • Our CMS mission partner Bia.
  • The St Andrew’s Rebuilding Project.
  • All those who are anxious for their jobs or their future.
  • All those who are continuing to struggle with the effects of lockdown.
  • Those who are homeless or struggling with food poverty.
  • The PCC as they meet on Wednesday evening.