A few weeks ago a friend recommended that I check out a new multi-series adaptation of the Gospels for Television called The Chosen. The first series was was crowdfunded a few years ago and it has now been released through a smartphone app, and it’s available on YouTube too. It’s well written and acted. The characters are believable as flesh and blood individuals. The special effects work well. The Jewish background is detailed and well explained. These are compelling and realistic retellings of the events of the Gospels. What I particularly love about this series though is the portrayal of Jesus by Jonathan Roumie. In The Chosen he is no blond haired, blue eyed aryan superman walking through the hillsides with a sheep around his neck and floating through the world around as if it’s all a bit beneath him. Instead, this Jesus looks Middle Eastern, and he has character. He laughs and winks and teases his disciples. He sleeps, and teaches in a way that makes you want to listen. He’s genuinely compassionate and empathetic. And the miracles seem downright miraculous. He’s the sort of Jesus that’s sort of worth following. In other words he’s the sort of Jesus, that’s like Jesus. Watching the show made me feel like I was hearing some of these stories for the very first time. They shed new light for me on familiar events.

I can’t recommend this series highly enough. If you miss it, you’re really missing out.


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